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Meet Vejer Casa's team

Vejer Casas isn't a faceless organisation. We are real people, living year-round in Vejer de La Frontera, only minutes from your holiday home, and we want you to have the best possible stay with us.

Chris and Gail G.jpeg

Gail Campbell, Co-owner

Gail is bilingual Spanish and English. She has been lucky enough to live and work in a number of countries, but chose to stay in Vejer de la Frontera because, quite frankly, who wouldn’t? In the rare moments she is not managing Vejer Casas, she helps feed, neuter and rescue local stray cats and dogs.

Chris Samson, Co-owner


Chris has a background in marketing and journalism in London and New York. When not working on Vejer Casas' projects, he runs the local writers' cooperative. He's hoping to begin a series of writers' retreats later this year. Was there ever a better place to find literary inspiration than Vejer de la Frontera?


After working abroad for five years (in some rather hectic places) we decided we needed a little decompression time before returning to London. A good friend told us about Vejer de la Frontera, describing it as the most beautiful town in Spain, and the perfect place to recharge our batteries.

Our friend was right.

We moved to Vejer in September 2019 intending to stay for six months. Five months later we were enjoying lunch in our favourite cafe in Caños de Meca, when we agreed, "We can't leave, this place is magical". Vejer is now our permanent home.

Come to get to know Vejer – you will not regret it.

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