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Vejer: Perfect for digital nomads and longer stay guests

Vejer de la Frontera, is, according to National Geographic, the most beautiful town in Andalusia. It is the perfect location for digital nomads and longer-stay guests. Here are the top fourteen reasons (in no particular order) why they choose to stay in this most glorious pueblo blanco in a Vejer Casas holiday home.


Glorious setting

National Geographic calls Vejer de la Frontera the most beautiful town in Andalusia. The old town is a glorious maze of cobbled streets and white medieval houses, crowned with a Gothic church and an 11th century Moorish castle. When you feel like a break from marvelling, stop for tapas or a local wine in one of our renowned restaurants or bars, sitting in the shade of orange and palm trees as you look out over pine forested countryside to golden beaches and across the sea to Morocco. And... relax

Plaza de Espania.jpg


Great accomodation

Vejer Casas holiday home offers townhouses  and villas at prices the hotels cannot match. Our properties come with everything you could want for a short or long stay, including, and most especially, good Wi-Fi. Minutes away from everything, our townhouses and villas are perfect for couples, families, or groups. Many are pet friendly. Gail and Chris, owners of Vejer Casas, were, until Vejer seeped into their souls, long-term nomads. They are happy to discuss price for for longer stays.

Kitchen USE.jpg


Vejer's golden beaches

Spain's most beautiful, unspoilt and uncrowded Blue Flag beaches are just 12 to 15 minutes' drive from But you won't find high-rise hotels and cheesy banana boats. Instead, look forward to miles of golden sand with grass-covered beach bars and restaurants, many of which offer (free) live music in the evenings.


Perfect weather

With 300 days of sunshine you are pretty much guaranteed great weather. It can rain in Jan/Feb, but never lasts long and comes with a reward. As it eases, grab your bicycle or hiking stick and ride/walk one of the many close-by trails through fields and forests bursting with renewed greenery. It's a wonderment.

Perfect Weather.jpg


Vejer is inexpensive

You will be amazed at how little you will spend at supermarkets, shops, restaurants and bars. Yes, you'll find plenty of music-filled nights in Vejer, but don't expect cover charges or overpriced drinks. And, Vejer Casas offers modern, comfortable, and above all, inexpensive accommodation.

Vejer is intexpensive.jpg


New co-working space

La Unidad is a just-opened modern and relaxing co-working space that more resembles a coffee shop (they supply coffee) than a neon-lit office.

  • Concierge support

  • Great location

  • Surrounded by restaurants

  • Tea/coffee and award-winning juices

  • High-Speed Internet. Printing and faxing.

  • Perfect for growing you friends/business contacts

  • Lounge areas, meeting room and individual private work bays

Vejer Co-working Man Turkish lady.jpg


Solid infrastructure

While Vejer dates back to Roman times, it has a great modern infrastructure. Our WI-FI and mobile networks are strong. Healthcare is second to none, Taxis arrive in minutes, and punctual, air-conditioned buses connect you to Seville, Cadiz or Malaga. Jerez. The closest airport, is 45-mins away. Vejer Casas is happy to arrange pickups if needed. There is a modern gym a few minutes’ walk from our townhouses. Our holiday homes come with free street parking or private, off-street parking. 

Vejer infrastructure.jpeg


Vejer is LGBTQIA+ friendly

Vejer is committed to diversity. It is not uncommon to see same sex couples walking hand in hand with no one batting an eyelid. The photo shows this year's Pride Day parade organised by the Mayor's office and the Asociación Lgtbiq+ Vejer. A great day of parades and music that saw the entire town turn out in celebration... and, of course being Vejer, to enjoy a party late into the night. 



A safe place to live

Vejer’s crime rate is low, to the point of non-existence. In the four years we have lived here, we haven’t heard of even so much as someone having their pocket picked... do don't be afraid to carry your phone in your back pocket.

Crime Low.jpg


Events and fiestas

Our fiestas and events are frequent and fun. Stay in a Vejer Casa's holiday home anytime of the year, and experience our festivals, art exhibitions, music, theatre, dance recitals, gastronomy fairs, sports, carnivals, and children's events. Check out our Vejer Trending blog and events calendar and join in the fun. You will be always be made to feel very welcome.


Welcoming Vejer

Vejer has a warm atmosphere and culture. There is an integrated and artistic expat/nomad community. You will always find an activity or event, or gathering where you can meet like-minded locals and nomads. Why not join the free intercambio group and brush up on your Spanish, or hone your writing skills at our writers' cooperative, or perhaps join a local cyclists or runners group, or....? Most weekends, you will find music (bands, flamenco and DJs) in our plazas and streets, where you can meet our blended communities. 

Welcoming Vejer.jpeg


So much to do in Vejer

Vejer has an activity for every nomad. Whether you're an experienced or novice surfer, kite-surfer or wind surfer then Vejer’s El Palmar beach has more surf shops/schools than Maui. The nearest paragliding landing strip is a few minutes from your holiday home, in the grounds of windmill bar with unbeatable views. If you enjoy hiking or cycling, there are a any number of trails (the closest to  your townhouses follows a Roman road to views over the ocean). Or, if you are in the mood for something  less strenuous, like golf, wildlife photography, whale watching, a hot air ballooning or lying on golden, unspoilt beaches, then we have those too.  

So Much to Do.jpg


Eating out

Vejer de la Frontera is famed as a ‘foodie paradise,’ Whether you are in the mood for tapas or fine dining, our many restaurants, cafes and bars offer a range of delicious dishes, made with local produce, using traditional recipes. And if you feel like eating with the sand between your toes, then eat at the beach in one of the many great restaurants. Vegetarian options are harder to find in Spain. Please ask us for recommendations.

Eating Out.jpg


Or, eating in

Vejer Casas holiday homes come with fully-stocked modern kitchens. On those nights when you want to stay home, take advantage of our traditional local bakeries offering freshly baked bread, greengrocers and butchers selling fresh from local farms produce, or fishmongers selling fish caught that morning. Head to the nearby markets of Barbate or Chiclana and spend a mouth-watering hour or two, strolling from stool to stall awed by the atmosphere and the blaze of colour. There are three supermarkets within an easy walk of our townhouses or a quick drive from our villas.

Market Produce to size.jpg
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