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Vejer's cafés and bars

In Vejer, the dividing line between restaurants, cafés and bars, is a little fuzzy. Most restaurants are happy to have you sit and drink wine, and most bars serve great tapas. Here are our top ten bars and cafés (in no particular order) we'd recommend you visit when you just want to have a drink, meet friends, or just watch the world stroll by.


Taberna Caragato

Caragato is the best flamenco bar in Vejer. The friendly, Bohemian staff, always play traditional and authentic flamenco. On the weekends, talented local musicians play to a hand-clapping crowd. The bar has inside and outside spaces and serves wines, beers and sherries, as well as a selection of great tapas.

Carogato BP.jpg


El Poniente

An extraordinary bar with stunning views. Set in one of Vejer’s famous windmills, El Poniente sits on the highest point of the town, looking out over mountains and fields and the ocean! Along with the usual drinks, they serve great cocktails. Though food is limited to sweet crepes, it doesn’t seem to matter; the views are all important. And, if all that was not enough, look up at the paragliders sailing over your head. Their launching pad is on the grounds of the bar. ​ ​

El Poniente BP. .jpg


Casa del Vino

If you walk to the main square, you will see the Casa del Vino on a corner with barrels used as tables. This is a huge variety of wines on offer, along with several sherries poured straight from the barrel. The traditional tapas of meats and cheeses is very good. It is one of the best places in the old town to sit and watch the world go.

Bar Vino BP.jpg


Cuatro Tapas

During the day, 4 Tapas (formerly Janice Joplin) is a comfy and welcoming tapas bar set in Vejer’s Moorish walls. But, on Friday and Saturday nights, it heats up. Utilising the natural stage of the Iglesia del Divino Salvador church opposite, the bar host live bands, DJs, jazz mucisians and even opera. And it’s all  free. The great party atmosphere seems to attract the entire town.

4 Tapas Band.jpg


Café Bar el Trafalgar

Not to be confused with the Trafalgar restaurant on the Plaza de España, this tiny, authentic and atmospheric old town bar is a true find. Inside, the bar fits no more than half a dozen people, but there are tables outside in the buzz of the cobbled street. You might have to move your chair if the rare car eases by. With its selection of homemade, inexpensive tapas, Bar Trafalgar is popular with locals. They’ll make you very welcome.

Trafalgar to size.jpg


Bar Peneque

Next to a Moorish tower with a great view of the Plaza de España, Peneque is one of Vejer’s oldest and most popular bars. It serves exceptional traditional tapas. We recommend the carillada Ibérica (slow-cooked pork cheeks) washed down with a local red wine or beer. Being a traditional bar, the only choice for veggies is spinach croquettes. ​​

Peneque Tower.jpg


Callejón Oscuro

Just opened. A fabulous cave-like bar filled with an eclectic collection of art déco paintings and movie posters, sixties and seventies games and hipster kitsch. The atmosphere is boisterous and fun. Music comes via 45s played on an old record player. Really worth a visit.​

Calejon Oscar Outside.jpg


Nuevo Topolino

Topolinos serves great, reasonably priced tapas, small plates (or raciones) and montaditos (little sandwiches). With seating inside or out, the bar/restaurant is usually busy with a friendly young crowd with welcoming staff adding to the relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for and early dinner or a nightcap or your way home from the old town.



La Bodeguita

Bodeguita is in the old town close to the church, so expect a quite steep hill. This is the bar to head to if you want music and nighttime atmosphere. The bar stays open until early morning as it is not unusual for customers to dance the night away. If you can, grab a table outside under an awning of grape vines, next to Arch of Segur. It’s a fantastic setting and a great place to soak up the welcoming vibe of Vejer after dark.

La Bodeguita.jpeg


El Paseillo

Paseillo is the closest bar to our Vejer Casas townhouses and the centre of the La Noria community. The owner, Alberto, serves a selection of drinks, small tapas and a typical Andalusian breakfast until 11​am. It is the perfect spot for a coffee, an early, cheeky drink and chance to meet your neighbours. During the Sunshine Tour, don’t be surprised to see patrons sitting on horseback enjoying a tipple. ​ ​


Worth a mention

Bodegas Gallardo

While not a bar as such, special mention should be made of Bodegas Gallardo (just outside of town) selling a line of fantastic sherries. We recommend the Sol de Naranja, made from locally harvested bitter oranges. But, as they pour very generous samples, take your time deciding on your favourite. ​


Bodegas Gallardo Tasting.jpeg
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