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Vejer hot air balloon rides

One of the best ways to appreciate Andalusia's most charming Pueblos Blancos (white towns) has to be from the air, and flights over Arcos de la Frontera an hour's drive inland from Vejer de la Frontera is what we would suggest.

By Air Hot Air Ballooning 2.jpg

Have a good night's sleep because the flights begin early. Once the balloons are inflated and the rigorous safety checks done, your pilots will light the burner and you’ll begin your ascent. Within minutes you will be floating over a majestic panorama — the dazzling white buildings of Arcos de la Frontera, with its churches, towers and medieval castle, all perched dramatically on a sheer limestone cliff. You’ll also enjoy superb views of the local countryside below the town, including the winding course of the River Guadelete, and the glittering blue waters of the Arcos Reservoir.


A truly breathtaking experience.

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